Common Issues to Look Out for With Paver Patios

There is plenty of different benefits to be gained when having a paver patio installed onto your outdoor space. From a variety of style options to different materials that can provide different features for your landscape, there is a lot to gain with a paver patio. Like any other outdoor structure, however, a paver patio does have its downside. Without the proper care or protection, there are a number of problems that you can end up having to deal with. For paver patios, there are a fair few common issues that you will want to look out for.

Common Paver Patio Problems

A paver patio can be a durable and versatile material for your property but like any other structure, it can end up with its fair share of damage for different reasons. The most common issues that can happen to a paver patio are as follows:

Pavers Sinking In

One problem that you can see develop with your pavers over time is the material sinking in some areas. Not only is this aesthetically displeasing but it is a large indicator that there is a drainage issue with your paver patio. This kind of issue generally occurs due to a not so quality installation of the materials.

When the wrong materials are used or the pavers are not installed correctly, water and ice can get between the pavers and cause base materials to shift. Thus it results in the pavers heaving and settling. The moment this happens, you will want to have the base of the patio checked immediately to prevent further damage.

Poor Drainage

As stated, poor drainage can cause pavers to sink and is most likely caused by an improper installation. However, more than sinking pavers, poor drainage can lead to water pooling on your paver patio and can often lead to lowering down of areas that collect water. Aside from this, pooling can also be caused by wrong pitching.

If not dealt with, it can lead to water build-up that can end up damaging the integrity of the water. In addition to this, it can also result in plant beds surrounding a patio can get washed off due to water rush instead of channelling from home. Should there be plenty of water pooling around, it may be a sign to redo the overall patio design.

Weed Growth in Joints

A general problem that comes with any landscape is the growth of weeds. For paver patios, there can be a point that weeds grow in the joins due to a lack of sealing or damage to it. In comparison to other common paver patio problems, however, this can be resolved by simply applying polymeric sand. Polymeric sand is a type of fine sand that is combined with additives which, when mixed with water, forms a binding agent. Aside from this, you can also install geotextile fabric to create a strong barrier underneath your patio. This fabric strengthens your patio’s base by acting as a bridge over the top of the soft spots.

How Hiring Toowoomba Pavers Can Help Your Paver Patio

Given that most of the common problems that come with pavers can lead to a need for redoing the entire structure at one point, you will want to have a reliable professional service group to help provide quality and long-lasting results. With Toowoomba Pavers, you can be assured of not just reliable specialists to help with your paver patio but also budget-friendly options to meet any patio needs.


Paver patios are a generally convenient structure to have on your property with a variety of options to make it functional and stylish. Like any other structure though, it can have its fair share of issues with sinking materials, pooling water, and weed in the joints being the most common problems. By knowing what to look out for when having a paver patio, you can ensure a quality structure is installed in your outdoor space.

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