Can Pavers be Painted?

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Property owners in Toowoomba who want to boost their driveways, pathways, decks, and other outdoor spaces have a wide array of paving material options. Pavers are one of the leading surface materials used in hardscape areas. With its flexibility in design, you can customize it depending on your needs and preferences. Besides that, it can withstand heavy weights, ground movement, and harsh weather conditions. However, it is inevitable that through time, it can look dull and faded.

Do you want to change the appearance of your pavers? What are the alternatives to give it a new and fresh aesthetic appeal? Can it be painted? Check out how pavers can be painted and other options to make them look brand new.

How to Paint Pavers

Even if pavers already have their colour and design, you may want to give them a new aesthetic to match other things in your outdoor spaces. Painting pavers is not that hard. You can treat this as a DIY refurbishment project to spruce up your hardscape areas. If you decided to give your pavers’ surface a change in colour, here are the steps to do it:

  1. Pull all the weeds growing between or alongside the pavers. Get a push broom to sweep away the dirt, dust, and debris on its surface. 
  2. To clean the surface further, mix dish soap into a bucket full of water. Pour the mixture on the pavers’ surface and scrub the stains and remaining dirt using the push broom. 
  3. Rinse the surface off with a garden hose and let it dry completely for about a day or two. 
  4. Grab an acrylic cement primer and coat the pavers’ surface thoroughly with a roller brush. Make sure to cover the surface evenly and allow it to dry. 
  5. If the coat of primer is completely dry, get the acrylic cement paint of your choice and roll it on the pavers’ surface evenly until you cover it entirely. Apply a second layer of paint after the first layer is completely dry. 
  6. Use a concrete sealant to the pavers’ surface and its joints.

Other Alternatives to Consider

Although painting pavers is a good idea to spruce up its look, there are also downsides to it that you might have to consider. If you decided to paint it, the artificial coloured film of the paint might prevent moisture from escaping its surface. Due to that, its durability and structure may be compromised. To give you some alternative, you can give these options a try:

Cleaning and Sealing
Some property owners changed their plan to paint their pavers after seeing that they look as good as new after cleaning them thoroughly. Pavers’ surfaces may look dull and faded due to dust, dirt, and weeds. Try deep cleaning the surfaces first and sealing their joints if you are still unsure about painting the whole surface.

Paver Staining
Paver staining is also a great way of changing the look of your pavers. Since the stain will just penetrate the surface and not totally cover it, you can achieve a unique aesthetic without compromising the pavers’ durability and structure.


Note that painting pavers have their benefits and downsides. Once you decide to go through the process, it is essential to consider its long-term effects and maintenance. The steps and alternatives we shared above may help you decide which will work best with your outdoor spaces. Suppose you want to know more about other choices or ideas regarding pavers’ surfaces. In that case, you can ask for the help of professional pavers in Toowoomba to give you suggestions on how you can upscale your hardscape areas. 

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